Many thousands of kosher travelers pass through Korea. With no other option of obtaining kosher food locally, Chabad's kosher food service now offers fresh, ready to eat, Kosher meals that can be delivered directly to your hotel.

We have, thanks G-d, been able to serve many people in many hotels, in the short time that our service has been available. Chabad's Kosher kitchen, has become the prime source of Kosher services for groups and conferences of all sorts. We have proudly offered our services to every person. Click here to order your meal.

There are many kosher snacks and food items available at our Kosher store. If you would like to ask about a specific product, please email us at

All foods are prepared under the strict supervision of Rabbi Osher Litzman, Director at Chabad of Korea.
It is our pleasure to serve your Kosher needs.

Looking for Kosher meal? contact us at:

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